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Here at Thrifty Swift headquarters, there’s a virus going around. Well, two, actually.

The first is this wicked head cold that floored me on Tuesday but is gradually on its way out. There’s little I despise more than the chapped skin you get around your nose when you have to blow it every ten minutes. My neti pot and I have been fast friends this week, and I’m glad of it. Everyone else who has had this thing is telling me it hangs on for weeks, but two days in and I’m back up to my normal level of energy. Fingers crossed!

The other bug is a wicked case of Startitis. I have been buying yarn, patterns, and fabric like it’s going out of style. It’s the annual spring onslaught of the Webs anniversary sale, the Textile Center garage sale, and the impending Shepherd’s Harvest Festival. I am going to MAKE ALL THE THINGS!

This week’s exciting project is making this dress:

With this fabric:

I’m headed back to DC in early May for a bridal shower with the Church Ladies, so I’d like to get this done in time for the trip. I think it’s perfect for church, don’t you? (No, Mom, I’m not trying to be provocative. It’s effortless.)

Check back later this week for my basic tutorial on adjusting a pattern for a professional fit, and an easier way to cut and sew for accuracy and speed.

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