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January FOAMs

What’s that, you say? It’s already half way through February?

I know, I know. I want to make it clear that while I’m posting this on Feb. 13, these UFOs were, in fact, FOs before the end of last month. The delay lies in my inability to get finished things wrapped up and taken to the Post Office in a timely manner. As both of these objects were VERY belated Christmas gifts, they needed to arrive at their destination before I put them on the internet, just in case.

Everyone in the family eventually gets socks, and D and A were the last holdouts. The trouble comes because my lovely SiL A, who is wonderful in every other way, is sadly allergic to wool. I have been hunting for years for a nice sock yarn that contains no wool at all. This summer, I laid my hands on a cotton/viscose blend from Aslan Trends. Concerned that the socks might not hold their shape, I worked some elastic thread into the first five rounds to give them a little more oomph. I guess we’ll see how they do.

A’s socks are Kai-Mei by Cookie A., easily one of my favorite sock designers. I’ve knit several of her patterns over the years, and they always prove fun and interesting. This pair was simpler than many, but the lace inset that travels across the foot is ingenious.

D’s socks are a combination of Pfeffer/Merrow’s Resoleable Socks and a stitch pattern I worked out, similar to a waffle stitch. These socks met a lot of fits and starts as I tried to figure out how to get the most of one skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot that I’d been saving for a special project. It wasn’t going to be enough on its own, so I padded it out with a ball of Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in a contrasting color. Hopefully he’ll like them, and now they’ll be easy to mend if he wears them out!

I’ve already got some things in the running for the February FOAMs, so more on those as they develop later in the week.  I also swatched for the green mohair sweater last night, and I’m starting to get excited for a new project.

And now – to bed! Tomorrow I’m working a Mike Birbiglia show at the theater, and it’s going to be a long day.

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FOAMing Along

One of the delightful knitting blogs that I subscribe to is Alice Yu’s lovely Socktopus. I love reading the work of such talented sock designers (as I’m an addicted avid sock knitter myself).  Today on the blog is the beginning of her FOAM-along; that is, Finished Object A Month. As I have quite a few WIPs languishing around in baskets gathering dust and cat hair, I think I’m going to play along, at least unofficially.

Of course, January’s objects (yes, two of them) are secret knitting, since they should have been done in December in time to give to my brother and sister-in-law. SIL’s project is actually done except the end-weaving, but Bro’s has a long way to go yet. Once they’re done and in the mail I’ll post photos and descriptions of the machinations of these two objets d’art, but you’ll just have to guess in the meantime.

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m immune from the annual wicked case of Start-itis; and I’m itching to get my fingers on this pile of Classic Elite Pirouette. (So is Inara, check out the little paw on the left. She’s helping.)








My plan is to hold this together with a dark charcoal gray cashmere from a thrift store sweater I’m unraveling. I’m hoping that will tone down the GREEN a little. First thing first, though — FOAM!

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