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Hi! I’ve been working like a fiend behind the scenes on a whole bunch of secret knitting – there’s unfortunately going to be a lot of that in the coming months. I’m doing something akin to building a trousseau in advance of my wedding, only instead of making quilts and table linens and whatnot, I’m making gifts. There are a lot of people in my life to thank this year, and a lot of good friends I want to acknowledge, and of course, there’s presents for my sweetie… so yeah, there’s not going to be much knitting I can show you for a little while.

I do have ONE public project, though! I’m making the #17 Cowl Neck Pullover from the 2011 Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting. I don’t do the projects in VK very often; they tend to be a little over-the-top for me. This one gave me a pretty plain canvas as far as the shape went, and I was able to make it daring with a little color.


Don't mind all the electrical cords; I've been reduced to taking photos at work these days.


I love green in all its glorious shades, but this isn’t one I’ve tried to wear before. It’s Classic Elite Yarns Pirouette in Chartreuse, held double with a laceweight strand of dark gray cashmere from a frogged Ralph Lauren twinset that I found at the thrift store. (Best way to get fancy yarn for cheap!)


It’s still pretty bright, but I think it’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to wearing it this fall with a long black tank and black skirt. I hope it’ll be just enough to brighten dreary days without being overwhelming!

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The sock visits the DMV

Sorry for the absence – it’s been a crazy week at work so far, and I haven’t had a lot of down time for posting. One of my moving lights started shutting itself off during the performances on Wednesday, and so I spent extra time at work today re-aiming the replacement light to where it is supposed to go. That’s the difficulty with MLs – if it can be a lot of places, then when you have to fix it, you have to fix it everywhere. They’re awfully convenient though, so trust me, I get it.

R and I try to stay out of the suburbs as much as possible, but R needed to renew his tabs on both the motorcycle and his car, so we decided to make a day of it. We went for breakfast at Fat Nat’s (a favorite we don’t get to much, since it’s all the way in GOLDEN VALLEY), and then headed to the Hennepin County government center. Now, there’s a DMV center right down the street from us – so why drive to the ‘burbs? Because at 1:00 in the afternoon in the ‘burbs, no one is at the DMV. Or so we thought.

This is R looking annoyed after we had been waiting for about 25 minutes for his number to be called. I didn’t mind; as you can see, I banged out the cuff and the beginning of the leg on sock #2. Maybe R should take up knitting.

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R decided that today is flowers day all on his own, and came home from the store with this:

He’s so awesome. Plus, roses are WAY cheaper the day AFTER Valentine’s.

Now that the January FOAMs are out of the way, I’ve been plugging away at a couple of small projects, just to tide me over until I dive into this sweater full-time. Today I’ll show you the first of what will hopefully be nearly identical socks.

I hand painted this yarn in a sock blank at Shepherd’s Harvest last spring. I’ve been really compelled to keep knitting these, even though it’s a completely plain-jane sock — I can’t wait to see how the colors will play out! I’m almost done with the first, and if I can book it through the second these could be my February FOAM.

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