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Oy! There’s been so much to blog about in the last couple of weeks – an impending home repair project and lots of knitting and spinning developments. Instead of doing that, I’ve been sitting in a dark room for the last week, teching a production of Noel Coward’s Hay Fever.

I feel a bit like Dante from “Clerks”: I’m not even supposed to be here today. This show is in the thrust theater, a venue I don’t normally spend much time in. It’s been good to spend some time re-acquainting myself with the room and how it works, and figuring out all the stuff that’s currently broken and what I’m supposed to do to work around it. I am, however, in tech three weeks earlier than I had originally planned on. Thankfully, if I’m going to do an extra tech this spring, this is the one to do. Last week was the big push week and it was, in the words of one of my co-workers, downright civilized. I think it worked out to about 55 hours, give or take, which is pretty light for tech. We quit early both of the nights we were scheduled until midnight, and none of the daily rehearsals this week have begun before 2 – practically unheard of. My lighting designer is a total sweetheart, and has already bought me coffee a couple of times. Yesterday, a package full of cookies arrived from his Mom. Everyone is pretty relaxed, and I couldn’t have asked for better circumstances. I’ll be back in tech for Time Stands Still in two weeks, and I know that one’s not going to be nearly so easy, so I’m glad this one has been smooth sailing.

Unfortunately, you can’t really tell how easy tech has been by the state of our house. I’m pretty sure the dirty dishes have been spontaneously multiplying when my back is turned, and every flat surface is covered with a thin grey film of cat hair. Adding to the state of things is the fact that the weather has been gorgeous, and so I want to spend every spare moment outside reveling in the fact that it’s March, 60 degrees, and there’s no snow on the ground. Speaking of which…

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Simon and the Sock

À la the Yarn Harlot, I managed to capture a famous person holding a sock-in-progress:


Simon wasn't sure of what I was asking him to do.

The always-delightful and very obliging Simon Jones, holding the sock last Wednesday. The good thing about working in a major regional theater is your access to the famous and semi-famous. I finished these socks last night, which is good because Harriet Harris is also in this show – I’ll see if I can corner her next!

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It’s just before 7 am here, and as I type this a gentle snow is falling. It’s that light, fluffy stuff that leaves the world looking like one of those miniature Dickensian dioramas, all Victorian cottages and white sparkle batting. We’ve seen the first proper snow all winter this week, although the temperature has been hovering around the freezing mark, making it hard to believe that winter is really happening.

In Minnesota, we’re known for our winters. When I tell people from back home where I live now, they give me that look usually reserved for people who frequently bathe with toasters. “Isn’t it cold there?” they ask me. Most of the time, I can say yes. I have seen air temps in the -30s (F), and wind chills down to -45 or so. I have walked out on a frozen lake on a day so cold that it hurt to breathe. I nearly caught hypothermia waiting for the bus once, and sometimes the weather reports say to stay inside if you don’t absolutely have to go anywhere, because it’s so cold that you can get frostbite with only five minutes of exposure. And that’s just here in the Twin Cities – it gets worse the further north you travel. I pity the people who live in Saskatchewan; that’s a cold so mighty that I think it would drive me south. R and I are beginning to understand about Snowbirds the older we get. The thought of going somewhere warm and skipping all this winter is really tempting.

THIS winter, though, has been more Virginia than Minnesota. We’ve barely had any night temps below 0, and no daily highs below. During the coldest months of December and January, we hovered around the mid- to upper-twenties, and flirted with 40 many days. The most snow we’ve gotten has been about two inches – compare that with last December, when we were digging out from snowfalls of two feet. Although it’s snowing today, we feel like we’re heading into spring having dodged a bullet. I’m starting to prepare seed containers and think about the garden. Nothing’s poked its head up yet, but I don’t doubt that in a couple of weeks we’ll have the first green things shooting their way up from the dirt. I may be able to put in parts of the garden in April this year – usually I wait until the end of May, so the frost doesn’t kill the young plants. The days are getting longer and the world around here knows that while winter may bluster a little more, it’s on its way for the year.

We Minnesotans have a keen sense of Spring. It’s coming – I can taste it.

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